Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look who's coming to the party!!!!

Great News....40 and counting!!!

The following classmates have taken advantage of the early registration and will be coming to the reunion. Don't miss out on your chance to be there too... Feel free to bring a spouse or significant other. As part of the 'Cary-Grove Class of '89 Stimulus Package', we are extending the early registration rate for 2 more weeks. Pay by Thursday, May 21st and the rate is still $55 per person. So you have no excuse not to sign up early. Thank you if you have already registered and we look forward to seeing you.

StaceyBarton(Krueger) (1)
Darrell E. Cook (2)
Michael H. Deron (2)
Larisa J Drake (Semmel) (1)
Bryan A. Ekberg (2)
Margaret Ellis (Jessie) (2)
Christiana Fureby (Anderson) (2)
Stacie J. Gentry (Frankenberry) (2)
Theresa L. Giachetti (DeLucio) (1)
Brian W Gunning (Butch)(2)
Victoria C. Hallman (Kraft)(1)
Ryan A. Hunt (2)
Matthew A. Janiak (1)
Nancy L Jaronski (Dressel) (2)
Gwendolyn Nelson (2)
Scott Robinson (1)
Dan P Smith (2)
Jon E Steckelberg (2)
Nancy L Tayui (Young) (1)
Amy E Varga (1)
Elizabeth S. Veazey (Jones) (1)
Chad T. Welch (2)
Jonathan W. Whitman (2)
Colleen A. Wolter (Kopp) (2)
Denise Young (1)

***** If you are a Cary-Grove classmate from another Class that would also like to attend to the '89 reunion, please join the party.

PayPal, Google Checkout and P.O. Box Check details are listed below.

Contact me with any questions.

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